Discover Simple Money Making Tips Now

In this article, I am going to show you two (2) simple money making models that you can use to make money online.

Tip1: Get paid for advertisement on Money Making.

For this Simple money making tips, you are better off if you have your own domain with a content website or a blog installed on it.

However, in some cases even free blog services, such as Blogger will work for this as well.

To be light in thought, you earn money by simply placing advertisements for 3rd parties on your website or blog. When your blog or website visitors click on the ads, you get paid.

Some companies pay you simply for the impressions of the ads that are shown on your blog. Your visitors do not have to buy anything at all. You will get paid each time somebody clicks on the link(s).

And the ads that are available are not just tax ads wither. You can get paid to place audio or video ads, even pop-ups, on your website or blog. If you have been online more than a day or two, you have already heard of Google Adsense, and that is certainly one well-known way to get paid for advertising for a 3rd party.

But there are other 3rd party advertisers that you can use to monetize your website or blog also. I will show you a few of the most popular ones that I am familiar with: etc.

If you are using a free blogging service, please be sure to read the terms of service (TOS) of any 3rd party company to be sure that they will allow you to post their ads on a website or blog that you do not host yourself.

Tip 2: Get Paid Giving Away Freebies:

You have probably seen websites where you can get something for free or almost free, like free iPhone where the customer just pay for shipping. But did you know that you can get paid by these advertisers for giving away their freebies?

This type of payment from the advertiser is called “pay per lead” because the company pays out money when you send “leads”. A lead that qualifies you for a payout is one who has completed some action that the advertiser requires. It is also referred to as CPA- Cost Per Action.

Using the example above, the advertiser will pay you when the lead fills in their complete information on the advertisers website via your affiliate link, including their mailing address where they will receive their free sample, as well as a credit card number to pay the minimal postage; if necessary.

But not all pay per lead programs require that much information to be filled out before you can get paid. Some, for instance, only require an email address or a zip code or a name, email and phone number.

There are dozens of fairly well-known affiliate networks that provide pay per lead programs. You can a search on Google to find them, but heres short list of some of the most popular ones. etc.

Theres more than one way that you can give away all this freebies, so get ready to make money online.

You can start a website, blog or squidoo lens based around the topic of “free stuff online” and sprinkle it with your own affiliate links for them to pick the free offers. Everyone loves freebies, and its not difficult to write some short articles about “freebies” to post on your blog, squiddo-lens, or article directories around the internet to drive traffic to your freebies site.

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