Laws of the Universe: What Are Universal Agreements

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We go about our lives every day, often with a plan in mind, but usually controlled or guided by the responsibilities we hold. Most of us hope to make the best of a day, or at least we try to get by, if we are working in a job or career we can only tolerate and it seems as if there is no certainty about the future getting better any time soon. There may be times when we feel stuck, afraid, uncertain, or in need of help, and all of a sudden someone or something comes along which helps to provide a needed solution. All of a sudden, we have an answer, a moment of relief, or help from someone we did not expect to receive, and it provides us with a renewed feeling of hope for our lives.

Do you believe those types of moments, when people come along at just the right time, are random events or were somehow pre-planned? Consider someone who has come into your life recently, a person you may still know to this date. How is it we are able to meet people and seemingly get along, as if we have known them our entire lives? Or how is possible that the right people come along at the right time, just when we need solutions to problems or challenges? The same is true for events which do not directly involve people, such as a check arriving in the mail. Are these events random in nature, based upon luck, or given because a person was deemed worthy to receive assistance?

If you ask a group of people these questions, you are going to receive a wide variety of answers. Many of the answers are going to be related to prayers having been answered, and intervention from a supreme being or beings. If you believe in more non-traditional spiritual teachings, you might state the universe itself orchestrated people and events, or source has lined up the cooperative components for you. But what if there is something more involved to people coming in and out of our lives other than luck, involvement of a supreme being, intervention by the universe or source, or something else mystical in nature? Would you be willing to consider the possibility events in our lives have been already planned and nothing is occurring randomly or out of order?

I realize this goes against the idea of a supreme being acting as the one in control of the universe and all life; however, I have come to learn the true source of life is the energy of life we are all connected to, the Collective Consciousness of mankind. We, as humans, had to give this consciousness a name and this is how supreme being names were developed. But it is this consciousness which nurtures all of life and this is what we are all connected to at all times, and never cut off from no matter how bad we feel. Through this consciousness we are able to live as humans, and when we can free our mind of self-imposed limitations, we can access the Universal Wisdom of all of mankind. This is when we can discover universal laws and truths. We can also learn of the plan for our lives, which allows us to find our purpose and live a fulfilled and meaningful existence.

What all of this means to me is that there must be advanced plans developed while we are still in energetic form and deciding to come into a physical form. But what I wanted to know, while I focused my thoughts and attuned to Universal Wisdom, is how we (in energetic form) make arrangements with others for the timing of events here on Earth which feel to us (as humans) to be random, just in time, or just when needed. These pre-made arrangements are almost too complex for a rational, thinking, finite human mind to comprehend, yet I wanted to know what I could learn, and I will share with you what I was able to learn about the Law of Universal Agreements.

A universal truth is this: All is well in the universe. If you look above and see the sky, the planets, the stars, and the vast open space, you know there is an energy source sustaining all of this life, along with all of the living systems within it. There is order, and there is balance, even when it may seem at a micro level, or within certain areas on Planet Earth, that nothing but chaos exists.

Do You Feel a Sense of Hopelessness?

If you believe there is no hope left for this world, or the citizens of this Planet Earth, then take some time to unplug from all forms of technology first, and see how the removal of negative rhetoric begins to cause a seismic shift within your mind. Then take time to go to a place where you can experience a connection to nature, such as a mountain range, a rocky coastal shore, a desert oasis, or any place in nature where you can allow yourself to experience silence with yourself and without technology or other distractions. The purpose is to find stillness and become aware of nothing but nature around you.

When you can accomplish this task, you will begin to restore the inner peace you may have lost or shielded away as a result of the noise of every day living. The universe is in order and it is mankind who creates disorder. To clarify, it is the Collective Consciousness of mankind, which is part of the energy of life, serving as the brain or operating system for the energy of life, keeping it functioning and in order.

As energetic beings come forward into physical forms as humans, it fulfills a specific purpose. Humans are designed or programmed for conflict as the tension creates both positive and negative energy. If energy could exist on positive energy alone, all humans would live in perfect harmony at all times. But the challenges, along with negative feelings, emotions, and conflicts, all lead to changes within humans. It may bring about new ideas and solutions, but most often wisdom is gained and this is how Universal Wisdom expands.

Awakening to a Truth About Life

One of the most amazing discoveries a human can make, as they begin to understand the order of the universe, is that their life was not random in nature or happened by accident. A person may never fully remember their energetic connection, or existence prior to coming into a physical form, yet they can awaken to a knowledge of a life being lived by a purpose and design.

For some, the initial thought of having a life already planned can be extremely frightening. There may be questions about choices made ahead of time, and why aspects of this life were brought about in the manner chosen. More importantly, it changes the nature of what was taught by religious institutions, who dictate man is controlled by a supreme being and there are laws which must be conformed to if benefits or assistance is to be received. Many humans are also taught their lives have been planned by this supreme being and to think otherwise creates a sense of having disobeyed something sacred. Changing a mindset from one that is controlled to one which takes control requires determination and strength.

This is why for other humans, an awakening to the truth about life can be freeing, as now a person may be able to let go of regret or holding onto past memories. Now a future focus can begin, or at the very least, the start of new goals may be possible. But knowledge of a life already planned also means a person can watch for clues as to how to fulfill this plan, and ensure there are no delays in its coming to fruition. While a life plan may not change, the concept of free will does apply and this means a person can delay aspects of their plan by developing negative mental patterns or negative thoughts.

When a person becomes so attuned to the negative spectrum it becomes very difficult then to receive insight and wisdom from the Collective Consciousness. When a person is able to feel moments of happiness, love, hope, or anything else positive, they find themselves attuning to the positive spectrum.

Dreams Can Be Inspiring

One of the most inspirational sources of ideas and clues for a person’s life plan is within their dreams. While many believe dreams hold clues about the lives of humans, which could be possible, dreams also provide future clues as a source of inspiration. There are no rules concerning dreams. Just as there is no supreme being dictating control of the universe, only a Collective Consciousness providing a source of direction for the life energy, there is no one dictating how dreams are to be used.

Dreams come from the subconsciousness mind, that which is connected directly to the Collective Consciousness. If a person believes they have relived events of the day, it was a strong emotional day and those emotions connected to the Collective Consciousness. It was an energy transfer experienced in the dreams. But a dream which seems unknown, exciting, uplifting, inspiring, hopeful, and full of vivid images, those are likely clues of the future. Those dreams usually stay with a person and repeat often.

Understanding Random Events

When humans then consider all of these vast and complex energetic processes, from how the mind operates to how the Collective Consciousness interacts with the minds of humans, it becomes easier to see there is a vast energetic network which exists. Somehow everything, which means every life, every mind, and every living thing, is all connected by this vast invisible energetic network.

Now consider this: The times when help comes along, just as you need it. Or you meet someone and it feels as if you have already known them, or there was an immediate connection as a soulmate. Is this just a matter of a person’s mind tapping into the vast energetic network, asking for assistance and then receiving it?

Does a person ask for a mate, lover, or spouse and then one appears as promised by those who teach Law of Attraction? Why do people seem to suddenly appear in and out of our lives, almost as if they are random events? The answers to these questions involve more than Law of Attraction or random occurrences as it is part of the life plan this person has designed. While a person can think a thought, or think about a person and it seems the person will then appear, there is more involved. The answer has to do with the Law of Universal Agreements.

Law of Universal Agreements

When an energetic form, which is a being or collective of pre-existing memories, is within the Collective Consciousness of mankind, and is deciding to come forward in physical form, a plan is made. A life plan is developed, from physical form birth, to physical form death or shedding the physical from the energy source.

The energetic being then scans the energetic network of the Collective Consciousness of mankind, examining the life plans stored; which are kept in the neutral area of the energy spectrums – or in between the positive and negative energy spectrums. The energetic being knows all of the outcomes, choices, and decisions to be made, for the physical form decided upon, along with the paths to be taken while here on Earth as a human being.

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