How To Turn Your “What If___” Into A Positive

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A study by Jason Moser and his colleagues at Michigan State University, and published in The Journal of Abnormal Psychology have found brain markers that distinguish negative thinkers from positive thinkers. Their research suggests that there are in fact positive and negative people in the world. In their experiments they found people who tend to worry showed a paradoxical backfiring effect in their brains when asked to decrease their negative emotions, which Moser said, “suggests they have a really hard time putting a positive spin on difficult situations and actually make their negative emotions worse even when they are asked to think positively.” ~Psychology Today June 30, 2014

Christopher Nass, a professor of communication at Stanford University and co-author of The Man Who Lied To His Laptop: What Machines Teach Us About Human Relationships, argues that we tend to see people who say negative things as being smarter than those who are positive. Thus, we are more likely to give greater weight to criticism than praise. ~Psychology Today June 30, 2014

The most frequently used negative statement is “What if___?” When someone is uncomfortable, unsure, afraid of something that he/she is contemplating or is being asked about, the immediate response is; “What if___?” What if the sky is falling? What if I fail? What if I can’t do it? What if nobody likes it? Any negative perspective under the sun can be tossed up.

What if you flipped your negative perspective to positive possibilities? What if the sky is waiting for me to soar? What if the Universe is conspiring to help me create success? What if I can do it? What if people are waiting for what I offer?

Any positive perspective under the sun is true. What if your health is better? What if you help others to find their dreams? What if life as you know it now changed and is better? WHAT IF this is your big success?

WHAT if is isn’t easy? You will learn many things. WHAT IF it takes longer than you thought it would?? You will learn perseverance. You will learn patience.

Turn your ‘What if___? to work for you and invest in yourself, invest so you can get where you desire to be.

Where will you be if you continue on the path you’re on right now? Look at the truths of the matter. Would you be in a better place? Would you realize your goals if you continue the status quo. As Einstein aptly said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.”

What if you take the step to contact me to talk about your future? What if you learned how to create your dreams and desires? What if you created Financial Freedom?

Don’t allow your negative ‘What if___? sabotage your life and future.

Three strategies to transform negative beliefs to positive beliefs:

Identify your most frequent negative beliefs.
Use Interrogative Self-Talk instead of negative beliefs.
Focus on Incremental Progress, Not Perfection.
The majority of people have difficulty identifying negative beliefs or noticing when it is operational.
Contact me and let’s turn your “What if, into “I am___! I DID!” Together we will create your map to create your desires.

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