Laughter: A Cheap Medicine?

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I would never have move on if I could not have laughed. It lifted me momentarily out of my frustrating circumstance, just enough to make the moment livable even if I am already on the verge of quitting. Laughter helps me heal my wounds. Though it cannot solve our problems immediately, but definitely it will dissolve our problems so that we can think clearly what to do about them.

Laughter connects you with people. If you are happy and people around you are not happy, they will not allow you to stay happy. They will really try to drag you down with them. Therefore, much of our happiness depends upon our ability to spread happiness around us. It radiates our positivity to other people.

I love people who make me laugh because it uplifts me when I am surrounded with optimistic people who can laugh despite their problems. It in fact can cure a multitude of illness especially anxiety and depression. It’s probably the most important thing a person can have; the ability to laugh.

Life is worth living as long as there’s something to laugh with no matter how difficult the situation. There is still a reason to laugh and smile. Laugh whenever you can. It keeps you from committing suicide when things are bad.

Laughter is more than just a pleasurable activity. When people laugh together, they tend to talk and touch more and to make eye contact more frequently. Laughter builds connection with your fellow.

Lonely people have enthusiasms which cannot always be explained. When something strikes them as funny, the intensity and length of their laughter mirrors the depth of their loneliness, and they are capable of laughing when something touches their emotions.

Try to find something to laugh when you are hurting. Unconsciously your pain will subside. There is no greater power than that of a laugh and happiness which can save a person from the uncertainties of the world. Being cheerful doesn’t mean that you do not have a problem. You just find a reason to laugh despite the rough times in your life.

Laughter is self-feeding and self-supporting because when you’re laughing, there is no other emotion in that moment except for joy. Everyone knows how people who laugh easily can make us think of funnier and funnier things. Smiles and laughter are contagious; so, there is no harm in spreading these viruses.

Laughter is truly a cheap medicine. It’s a prescription anybody can afford. Now is the time for you to truly live, to laugh, to love, and to trust again. Your pain and struggle has come to an end. This is the time that God has in store for you.

The more attracted you are to a person, the easier it is for them to make you laugh because people laugh to seek connection, reassurance and wanting to belong and be part of something.

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