My Life Is Like a Pencil

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If I would ask you to describe your life, what would suddenly pop in your mind? Somehow it is similar to love which is difficult to describe. If I am to depict life, it would be comparable with a pencil.

At this point, I would like to give you a situation for you to imagine. An ordinary brand new pencil is approximately 12 inches. It is composed of lead, wood, eraser, and ferrule and coated with paint. Being a kind-hearted person, I would lend you one with a matching sharpener. This time, I will ask you to split it into two. Definitely, you need to do it with great force or pressure. Snap! Congratulations, it did break. Have you noticed that the fragmented tip with the eraser isn’t perfectly shaped than before? What do you think was the reason? Remember that I also gave you my sharpener. You know what to do now.

Did your imagination work? If so, good for you. Why would I portray my life as a pencil? Haven’t you noticed that upon entering school for the first time, you are required to use pencils instead of a ball pen? Now I’m sure you are wondering. I learned that before you do something great, it takes a lot of practice and determination. Naturally, committing mistakes is foreseen. It is needed for you to learn the difference between what is right and wrong. You need not be anxious about doing something wrong for based on Mitch Albom’s statement from Tuesdays with Morrie, “if you don’t allow yourself to go all the way through them-you can never get to being detached, you’re too busy being afraid.” Maybe that’s the reason behind using pencils-freedom to commit mistakes. Like in a movie, it would be incomplete without any bloopers. Every pencil has an eraser attached to it. It is intended to be small which signifies that committing mistakes have also its own limitations.

The moment you use your pencil, you begin to create something like creating your own story. You will also notice its writing minutes later like it’s about to fade wherein you use a sharpener to bring back its sharpness. However, upon sharpening, the pencil gets smaller. It signifies that the smaller it is, the useful it was. At one point, the lead might come apart. It may be due to the wrong style of writing. So, you sharpen it again. Like me, I also fell apart. But, I always get myself back and start to keep going.

Days went by that you suddenly become aware of your pencil getting minute. Now I would like you to split it again into half. What’s wrong? Is it that hard to break? Maybe you need to exert more force than the previous try. Your pencil just proves that it is now vigorous. Like a person, the more he/she is sharpened, the better being he/she is becoming. A pencil might come to an end one day leaving only its ferrule. Hence, don’t fail to recall, as they say, that in every ending comes a new beginning. You may choose to buy another pencil or you may proceed to the next level by using a ballpen instead.

Of all the presents we received, life is the most precious one. God gave us the chance to live and YOLO. What you are now is God’s gift to you but what you become is your gift to Him. You have the free will on how you create your life’s story. Here’s a pencil, now do your thing. God bless!

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