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What is a slatted rack and why use one?
Most beekeepers start out with a hive with standard components. The most common of these is the iconic Langstroth hive, with its bottom board, multiple boxes, inner cover and top cover. Many beekeepers have ...

Mite Treatments and Winter Hive Activity – Whatever Happened to Cold Winters?
Winter Updates from the Hive What a year it has been in Beorn’s Apiary! 2018 went out with relatively warm weather. In December, we had a combination of ...

For healthy bees: Sow seeds, not war
The room was fluttering with bee conservationists. The seats were occupied by men and women from all over the Pacific Northwest who had agreed to donate considerable sums ...

An age-old question about the age of beekeepers
A recent discussion on this site segued from start-up costs to the age of beekeepers, so I thought I would toss in my two cents. I believe the ...

Making Money from Beekeeping
Introduction There are many areas in which commercial beekeepers play an essential role. As one notable example, the largest almond market in the world – California – is very ...

From the End of a Course to the Start of Beekeeping
Introduction The graceful, quiet and absorbing art of beekeeping has fascinated man for thousands of years. A long time ago, we changed our perspective. We started as “honey ...

Newly-painted hives eager for spring
Over the Rainbow This is just to inspire you. When I saw this picture, I wanted to run right outside and mess with bees. These gorgeous newly-painted hives ...

An Introduction to Extracting Beeswax
Introduction Having seen how to harvest honey from your beehives, there are more treasures awaiting you. Honey gets all the good PR, since everyone loves the stuff! But ...

An Introduction to Harvesting Honey: Part 1
Introduction Honey is the most beautiful of foods. Used in so many ways, virtually everyone enjoys the sweet, luscious taste of honey. As beekeepers we have many priorities, ...

The Tangible Rewards of Beekeeping
Introduction We have covered so many aspects of beekeeping. From learning about bees, setting up your beehives and to keeping it healthy, the focal point has been the bees. ...