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How much will it cost to start beekeeping?
Once upon a time, I thought the cost to start beekeeping was low. A few hundred dollars would get you a decent hive, basic equipment, and a package ...

An Introduction to Overwintering Honey Bees
Introduction Of all the challenges faced by bees – and beekeepers – the topic of “overwintering” is one of the most commonly discussed. Even without our help, bees across ...

Spring Approaches and An Apiary Springs Into Life
Many things have happened since my last posts.  You are due lots of updates about what’s happened over the winter months in Beorn’s Apiary.  Winter seemed to last ...

An Introduction to Harvesting Honey: Part 2
Introduction In Part 1 of this two-part series, we looked at the various forms of honey that you might want to harvest, as well as some of the logistical factors ...

An Introduction to Queen Rearing: Part 2
Introduction In our previous lesson we looked at why queen rearing can be a fascinating, fun and worthwhile opportunity for the beekeeper. We now look at one of the ...

An Introduction to Queen Rearing: Part 1
Introduction Many beekeepers enjoy and expand their hobby by buying more bees and maybe carrying out the occasional split. But if that is the limit of a beekeeper’s ...

Splitting a Hive
Introduction Free bees! Who doesn’t like the sound of that? If you are a beekeeper – or soon to be one – you will know that there are ...

Propolis and the resin connection
When the weather turns warm, propolis can string into fragrant tendrils like fresh-from-the-oven mozzarella cheese. When cold, it can shatter like bone china, yielding knife-sharp shards. In especially ...

An Introduction to Cross Comb
Introduction In the perfect world, bees create neat layers of parallel comb, with a nice even space between them. In the real world, though, things might not turn ...

Why and When to Consider Requeening
Introduction Bees have it tough and have to contend with a wide range of potential challenges. But they do it so well and a successful colony can survive ...